Take an exhilarating aerial ride through a stunning Scottish Pine Forest on Alvie Estate in the heart of the Cairngorms. Choose from our classic Zip Trek and our new self-guided Zip Adventure.

Zip Trek

Fancy flying through the trees on an exhilarating ride through the Scottish Highlands? Our Zip Trek is a guided journey made up of fourteen zip wires along a 2km course flying high over a stunning river gorge, with zips starting gently and get bigger, higher and faster as you go. The last wire stretches for 550m reaching speeds of 40mph! Suitable for eight years and over.

Zip Adventure

Brand new for 2019, our Zip Adventure is for the more intrepid zipper! Seventeen self-guided wires with a permanently connected safety system let you zig-zag over, across and along the Alvie Gorge. You’ll fly high in the trees, zip over spectacular waterfalls and swoop along rocky cliffs during your adventure. This trip is not for the faint hearted! Suitable for ages 10 and upwards.


"The ZIPWIRE was a fantastic experience. Enjoyed by the whole family. Being afraid of heights I was a tad apprehensive before we went, but our instructor was excellent explaining the safety harnesses and just reassuring that everything was safe. Once on the zip it was a real buzz would love to do it again."
"From age 5 to 30 we all had such a good time. Couldn't do the last zip line as too windy. Will definitely go back and try to do that. Would recommend to anyone. You won't be dissapointed."
"This simply is a brilliant experience, a fun family day out. Connor and Hamish were great guides with good craic to help make the trek fun but all the time they made sure you were safe."