Safety Rules and Advice

We will ask you to read and agree with our Safety Rules and Advice before your Zip Trek begins. Failure to follow these rules could end in injury or death!

Please respect the current Scottish Government’s social distancing regulations at all times while visiting the Zip Park.

1. You will be given a safety brief by your Zip Guide. Please listen!

2. Maximum weight is 19 Stone (120kg) and you must be able to fit into our harnesses.

3. Minimum age is 8 years old for the Zip Trek and 10 years for the Zip Adventure.

4. Hair must be tied back and tucked out of the way to prevent it becoming tangled in the pulley.

5. No Smoking on the course to prevent damage to our harnesses and to prevent burning Scotland down!!

6. At height you must have at least one clip on at all times (on our Zip Adventure you will be permanently attached to our safety system) .

7. Over 18’s will be responsible for their own safety, i.e. clipping on properly to the zip lines and at height having one clip on at all times.

8. Under 18’s will be supervised by an appropriate adult (parent/carer/teacher/Zip guide etc).

9. Only one person on a zip wire at any time. Household groups should leave at least two platforms clear between them and other groups on the Zip Adventure course.

10. Don’t put your hands on the zip wire in front of the pulley while moving.

11. Avoid running and jumping off of the platforms onto the zip wire to prevent the wires bouncing. (You’ll go faster this way and it won’t trash our wires and harnesses!).

12. Zip your pockets up as you don’t want to drop your phone or camera in the burn!

All sounds a bit serious, sorry!
Just listen to your Zip Guide and ask plenty of questions if unsure.

Have fun and enjoy the course!