Zip Adventure


Brand new for 2019, our Zip Adventure is for the more intrepid zipper!

Seventeen self-guided zip wires with a permanently connected safety system let you zig-zag across and along the Alvie Gorge with our Zip Trek Course swooping over you. You’ll fly high in the trees, zip over spectacular waterfalls, swoop alongside rocky cliffs and fly over each other on this 90 minute adventure. This trip is not for the faint hearted! Suitable for ages 10 and upwards.

Once you are kitted out in our equipment, you will receive a short safety briefing from one of our Zip Guides. Our new safety system means that you are permanently attached to the wires until you complete the course. Your guide will show you how the move along the course and how to overtake or let others pass along the course as well as how to safely set off, land and control your speed on each zip wire.

Once you have completed the first few wires safely, you will make your own way along the rest of the course with our Zip Guides supervising you from the ground.