Zip Trek

We are reopening the Zip Trek course in mid July subject to additional Covid-19 precautions. Please bring a face covering for the longest wires to catch your screams! A buff is fine.

The Zip Trek Adventure takes in 14 fantastic zip wires totalling over 2km of zipping through the trees over a stunning gorge. Starting gently, the wires increase in length and height as your move through the course. The longest zip wire is 550m long! Your trip will last approx 2 1/2 hours. Due to Covid-19 precautions, we will require you to be self reliant and physically able to complete the course with minimal input from our guides. Adults will need to help the kids in their care. Get in touch if you need to know more.

Before you start zipping, one of our expert guides will introduce you to the course by taking you through a quick safety briefing, show you how to clip your pulley to the zip wires and how to navigate the course safely as well as how to have fun while doing so! You’ll be shown you how to manage your speed whilst zipping and everyone will have a practice on our demo wire. Your guide will lead you along the Zip Trek and make sure you trip is both safe and enjoyable.

The course has 2 distinct sections. The first 5 lines are about getting you used to the feeling of flying through the air, slowly building in height, speed and length. By the time you get to the end of the fifth wire, you will be an expert at clipping yourself on and off and controlling your speed as well as wanting longer, faster and higher zips!

The second section of the park is where the adrenaline really builds. The wires get faster and higher with the longest zips covering hundreds of metres! Some even cross over each other as we speed our way down the valley. We start to move out of the protection of the Scottish Pine Forest then the views of the Cairngorms and Spey Valley start to open up in front of your eyes. The lines also get so long that communication is only possible by radio!